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  • Mashable logo

    Trip Tern’s goal is to make your travel planning easier by creating an itinerary that includes information about your city.

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  • Mashable logo

    For some people, planning a trip down to the last detail is part of the fun. Not everyone enjoys poring over guidebooks for hours on end, and for those people, there’s Trip Tern.

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  • Mashable logo

    Trip Tern, to choose the right path in the cities we visited.We can choose the date, place and type of subject that interests us for advice varied that we can score in our travel plan.

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  • Eureka Startups logo

    Tern Trip will be in charge of planning the itinerary for your next getaway..

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  • Founder2be logo

    Do you like to travel but bothering by the hassle of travel planning? If yes, then Trip Tern, an automatic travel planner might be interessting for you.

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  • Erlibird logo

    Trip Tern is an automatic trip planner. Users just have to select city,number of days,interests and budget and it automatically prepares the most optimal itinerary.

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  • Travopia logo

    We had the opportunity to meet Shailendra Sason, Co-Founder of Trip Tern.

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  • Next Big What logo

    Trip tern is a new dynamic travel planning solution which will help you plan your trip, end to end.

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  • Spider web logo

    Inexorably closer to the beginning of 2013, and it is for many people the opportunity to dispose of a new pool of vacation days.

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  • Antyweb logo

    Trip Tern to the startup, so that we will be able to easily find interesting locations and plan our stay.

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  • Seetio logo

    In the field of travel and tourism guides us today and we are seeing many startups, all great although Trip Tern is one that can not fail in our arsenal.

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